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Venta has become one of the industry leaders in providing outstanding value and service to our clients and customers. Our innovative team is committed to finding, developing and distributing environmentally friendly products and technologies in the automotive industry providing our customers with exceptional value while offering highly profitable sales opportunities for our Dealer/Distributor Clients.

Exceptional Value
Exceptional Service
Exceptional Benefits
Exceptional Profits
At Minimal Cost To The Environment

Venta has distributor agreements with many foreign and US based manufacturers and holds exclusive distribution rights for many products in the US. We offer a broad selection of electric vehicles and other innovative technologies to the consumer through our Dealer/Distributor network.

Venta provides our Dealer/Distributor Clients with an impressive lineup of electric vehicles that were selected based on safety, comfort, quality and value. In addition, we will supply other environmentally responsible products and technologies that will provide exceptional value to the consumer while offering a robust and highly strategic market position for our Dealer/Distributor Clients.

The increased demand from municipalities, government agencies and the US Military for alternative fuel vehicles coupled with the purchasing power of private companies with large fleets of vehicles is forcing manufacturers to build more electric vehicles and to create new alternative fuel technologies. Millions of these vehicles and products have been sold in Europe and Asia and have gained consumer recognition and trust.

As the price of oil continues to increase, the demand for high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles will dramatically increase. Venta's selection of electric vehicles offers unprecedented fuel economy and affordable pricing at a time when the high price of oil is reducing disposable consumer income and creating significant inflation in oil dependent markets. Mobility is a necessity in today’s world.

In the past few years, the global automotive industry has come to a clear consensus: The future is electric and there is no question that electricity is the most efficient energy source available today to power a car. This is why nearly every major automaker is developing fully electric prototypes and concept cars. Venta is providing electric vehicles to address this emerging market.